ELLO i’m Anna! Even though I live reallly close to like a bunch of beaches, Tumblr forces me to stay inside for most of my summers(i am a willing hostage :D) I’m into a bunch of fandoms(ALTA/LoK, THG, Star Trek, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, (the general cutesy asian stuff?) but feel free to convince me to try some new shows/things!!

Things I have yet to do:

  • have a party where everyone just talks in a squeaky heilum voice
  • punch a gnome
  • marry mako
  • go to a comic con
  • go to an olympics
  • visit the Palace of Versailles
  • meet a(n) (charming) Englishman/woman
  • watch ALL the crashcourse videos
  • visit a cancer patient during a volunteer shift